Our Story

Our Approach

A+ Charter Schools, a tuition-free charter school, is committed to providing all 7th through 12th grade students, from all walks of life, economic situations, and past academic challenges, access to a rich and meaningful educational experience.

We prepare students for many post-secondary choices, giving them the tools and attitudes to become contributing members of our society and to live successfully in a rapidly changing world.


Project-Based and Cooperative Learning 

Project-based Learning. Teachers will develop project-based and inquiry-based learning units and lessons with an emphasis on workforce readiness. These lessons will be implemented across disciplines to engage students and connect real world application to learning. Fostering curiosity in learning, as well as transferable skills and concepts gained from multiple disciplines are necessary for lifelong learning and success. 

Cooperative Learning. Students need to be able to communicate effectively with peers, adults, and supervisors, as well as work together in a team environment. In today’s global society, the role of cooperative learning with the mentoring and coaching of a teacher is key to developing the soft skills necessary to transition out of the K-12 environment by learning to work together to accomplish shared goals.  

Personalized Learning Plan

A+ Charter Schools will work with each student to develop a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) to guide their course selections and activities throughout middle school and high school. Based on their chosen career goal, students will research and determine requirements for post-secondary education or training. We believe setting individual goals aligned with life after high school helps a student see their future and gives more meaning to the educational process along the way.  

Advisory Class and Academic Success Groups 

Advisory Class. Each student is placed in an Advisory Class and they stay with the same advisor and a group of no more than 20 students for their entire tenure at A+ Charter Schools. Community and collaboration are built into the very structure of each student’s school day. The socioemotional needs of the students will be considered with the implementation of Advisory Classes and character curriculum, thus teaching the whole student to engage in learning and develop intrinsic motivation. Advisors will serve as mentors and work with each student to reach their greatest potential! 

Academic Success Groups. All students will receive leveled guided practice or enrichment through the Academic Success Groups. Academic Success Groups will not only meet the needs of students using intervention, but also provide enrichment for students at or above grade-level to meet the needs and goals of ALL students! 

Small Learning Environment

Small class sizes foster a sense of belonging and community, which can inspire collaboration and additional learning opportunities. Research shows that small schools record increased graduation and college acceptance rates, improved attendance, and improved teacher morale and effectiveness. We keep our class sizes small for this very reason – to give our students the best chance to learn and succeed! 

Academic and Socioemotional Growth 

Fostering a growth mindset in students to learn and grow academically is a transferable skill as students graduate high school and enter post-secondary education or the workforce. By developing academic skills, as well as a passion for lifelong learning, students will have a foundation to continue to learn, grow, and enhance their skills regardless of vocation. As industries change over time, graduates will have the ability to transfer their skills and knowledge to new opportunities.  

Socioemotinal intelligence and character are the foundations of soft skills and workforce readiness. With an ever-changing job market, researchers predict the skills needed for the workforce due to automation and the use of technology will change. The Department of Labor identified the following skills will be in the highest demand: creative thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, learning how to learn, collaboration, and self-management. A+ integrates instructional approaches to support the development of these academic and non-academic skills.  

Rigor and Honors Credit

Rigor. We have high expectations for students and staff alike, and we challenge students through both academic instruction and peer learning to academically, emotionally, and socially better themselves.  

Honors Credit. Students will have the opportunity to differentiate their learning and earn honors credit in many of their content area classes. Students may be assigned special projects or focus on deeper levels of critical thinking as aligned to their course and post-secondary goals. Empowering students to monitor their own academic growth and  giving students ownership of their learning, developing critical thinking skills, and project managements skills are fundamental for workforce readiness.   


Our mission at A+ Charter Schools is to help ALL students reach their greatest potential. We would be honored to have the opportunity to work with your student! Please contact us today to find out more about enrolling in our program!