As they become available,  our school documents (budgets, policies, procedures, etc) will be posted in a timely fashion here.

School Board Meeting Notices and Minutes

Pursuant to A.R.S. §38-431.02, A+ Charter Schools hereby states that all notices of the meetings of  A+ Charter Schools at our campus at 41735 Alan Stephens Pkwy Maricopa, AZ 85138 and on our website. The location is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Such notices will indicate the date, time, and place of the meeting and will include an agenda or information concerning the manner in which the public may obtain an agenda for the meeting.

School Function Notice

Please note a majority of governing board members may attend school functions throughout the year (athletic contests, events, fundraisers, etc.).
However, no board business will be discussed and no board action taken at these functions.

Agendas are normally posted 24 hours prior to the meeting.

Month & YearClick to view:
September 17, 2021 - Emergency Meeting9-17-21 Emergency Meeting Agenda
September 8, 20219-8-21 Meeting Agenda
August 11, 20218-11-21 Meeting Agenda
July 14, 20217-14-21 Meeting Agenda
June 23, 20216-23-21 Meeting Agenda
May 12, 2021NO MEETING
April 29, 20214-29-21 Meeting Agenda
April 22, 20214-22-21 Meeting Agenda
April 12, 20214-12-21 Meeting Agenda
March 20213-10-21 Meeting Agenda
February 2021NO MEETING
January 20211-13-21 Meeting Agenda
December 202012-10-20 Meeting Agenda
September 202009-16-20 Meeting Agenda
August 202008-12-20 Meeting Agenda
July 202007-08-20 Meeting Agenda
Annual Budget Adoption Meeting 7/8/2020Budget Meeting Notice
June 25, 202006/24/20 - Emergency Meeting Agenda
June 202006/22/20 - Meeting Agenda
April 202004/29/20 - Meeting Agenda
March 2020NO MEETING (COVID-19 Cancellation)
February 2020 NO MEETING
January 20201/9/2020 - Meeting Agenda
December 2019NO MEETING


Board Meeting Minutes
Current School Year Minutes are normally posted within three business days of the meeting.

Month & YearClick to view:
August 11, 20218/11/2021 Meeting Minutes
July 14, 20217/14/2021 Meeting Minutes
June 23, 20216/23/2021 Meeting Minutes
April 29, 20214/29/2021 Meeting Minutes
April 22, 20214/22/2021 Meeting Minutes
April 12, 20214/12/2021 - Meeting Minutes
March 20213/10/2021 - Meeting Minutes
February 2021NO MEETING
January 20211/13/2021 - Meeting Minutes
December 202012/10/2020 - Meeting Minutes
September 20209/16/2020 - Meeting Minutes
August 20208/12/2020 - Meeting Minutes
July 20207/08/2020 - Meeting Minutes
June 2020 - Emergency Meeting6/25/2020 -Emergency - Meeting Minutes
June 20206/22/2020 - Meeting Minutes
April 20204/29/2020 - Meeting Minutes
March 2020NO MEETING (COVID-19 Cancellation)
February 2020NO MEETING
January 20201/9/2020 - Meeting Minutes
December 2019NO MEETING
November 201911/27/19 - Meeting Minutes


Academic, Financial and Operational Dashboards:

Will be posted upon creation by the State.



Annual Financial Reports:

Will be posted after the close of our initial FY of 2021



2020-2021 Proposed Budget

2021 - 2022 - Proposed Budget


2020-2021 Adopted Budget

2021-2022 Adopted Budget


Hearing Notifications:

2020-2021 Proposed Budget Notice

2021 - 2022 Proposed Budget Notice