A+ Charter Schools shall select pupils through a fair and equitable selection process and will not discourage any student from enrolling in A+ Charter Schools. As a public Charter School, A+ Charter Schools will not charge tuition nor put in place any barriers to enrollment. The admission requirements set forth in A.R.S. 15-184 will be followed. A+ Charter Schools shall not limit admission based on ethnicity, national origin, gender, income level, disabling condition, proficiency in the English language or athletic ability. A+ Charter Schools may limit admission to pupils within a given age group or grade level due to grades or age levels being at capacity (set limit of students for a given grade level). A+ Charter Schools may refuse to admit any pupil who has been expelled, or in the process of being expelled, from another educational institution.

Enrollment Packets will be provided in both English and Spanish. The packets will include the Enrollment Form, residency information, birth certificate, and immunization requirements. The documentation collected for student registration once a student is admitted to the school will include all educational records, birth certificate (if not received prior), PHLOTE, etc., but not limited to the items listed.

Enrollment preference will be given to (in accordance A.R.S. 15-184):

  • - Siblings of currently enrolled students
  • - Children of A+ Charter School employees
  • - Children of Board Members
  • - Returning A+ Charter School students


The enrollment process, including a lottery system, is as follows:

  • - Students who are currently enrolled (and their siblings) whose enrollment packets are received by the re-enrollment deadline are guaranteed enrollment, with the understanding that if the students next grade level is capped at a lower number of students than their current grade level there may be a lottery to determine enrollment and waiting list order.
  • - All new students may enroll under open enrollment for the remaining openings with the understanding that if, for any grade level, the number of applications exceeds the number of openings, there will be a lottery to determine enrollment and waiting list order. At the time of the lottery, students must have complete enrollment applications on file including all required documents.
  • - Applications received after open enrollment will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis for classes with remaining openings.


Enrollment Lottery Guidelines:

  • - For each grade where the number of verified Re-Enrollments plus the number of completed New Enrollments is less than or equal to the available seats, all students are available for acceptance.
  • - For each grade where the number of Re-Enrollments plus New Enrollments exceeds the number of seats, the open seats remaining after Re-Enrolled students (including siblings) are placed will be available to New Enrollments by a lottery. The remaining New Enrollments will then be placed on a Waiting List, in order determined by lottery.
  • - New Enrollments (and unconfirmed Re-enrollments as applicable) received after the open enrollment period ends will be available for placement on a first come first served basis.