Lei-Sa Anderson

Lei-Sa Anderson is a devoted wife, mother of four daughters, and one son in love, and grandmother of six.  Her family is extremely important to her and she works very hard to ensure they remain first in her life.  She worked as an educational consultant in the Milwaukee Public School District for 5 years.  She moved to Maricopa in 2011 and worked as a supervisor over the lunch program for a local school for 4 years.  She has over 30 years of experience and success in teaching and coaching cheer and dance.  She owns multiple small businesses, hosts her own radio show, coordinates chapel studies for school aged children and currently works alongside her husband as the Co-Pastor of their ministry.  She has a special interest in seeing children and youth understand their strengths and weaknesses while embracing and developing their unique talents.  Her desire is to see them bring new ideas to the current generation and impact those to come!