Mary Smith

Hello, my name is Mary Z Smith. My biggest joy and challenge come from being a wife and mother. We as a family, spend a lot of time traveling, playing, reading, cooking, eating, and helping each other through this process called live.

I started my teaching career in 1984. I am proud of the thirty some years of teaching that I have completed. I have taught about everything from 2nd grade through college. About half of my teaching have been in traditional public schools, about five years in a private school and the rest in Arizona charters. The last half of my teaching career has provided me with the opportunities to craft my skills as a middle and high school level science teacher. My masters degree is in middle level education concentrating on curriculum development and science education. I am a constructivist at heart, which means I give many pieces of information and opportunities to explore to my students and require them to put the piece together in a meaningful way.  I love giving my students hands-on opportunities to learn and thought-provoking questions to answer. I have a passion for finding the best way to reach and teach my students.